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Some history on our background

XPress PC ® Corporation was established in 1989, originally as a desktop publishing and consulting firm. Over the years our business has steadily expanded its services to include a wide variety of technology solutions, to include network design and implementation, sales and maintenance of Personal Computers, voice and data cabling.

» Computer Sales, & Related Services

» Managed Network Services

In 2004 XPress PC ® Corporation added to it's Long Island, New York operation an online presence and a store front located outside of Scottsdale, Arizona in Fountain Hills. The store was later sold in 2006 however the company still maintained close ties to the area and operates via their partners and online presence.

In 2006 XPress PC ® Corporation started a new operation in Atlanta, GA located in the prestigious Buckhead, in the financial center. The company broaden it's scope of work to include consulting and publishing of the following areas:

  • » Managed Website Design & Maintenance

  • » Managed Hosted Application

  • » Managed Internet Package Solutions

  • Please email your questions to us by going to contacts link, allow 24Hrs for response from our team.

    Or Call us (404) 551-4268. We welcome an opportunity to help you.

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